Entrevista a la Casa Cobalto (Interview to the Cobalt House)

Citadinas sin bambalinas, is part of the Panamá 500 Library project that celebrates 80 influencing women throughout Panama’s history.

I was invited to illustrate one of the stories called “Entrevista a la Casa Cobalto” (Interview to the Cobalt House) where a reporter interviews the house where María Tranquilina Recuero lived. She was the activist that requested the government to name the “peristeria elata” (an orchid with a white pigeon shape) Panama’s national flower.

The project was completely handcrafted and all elements were made of hair pins, foamie pads, paper, felt, cardboard, kitchen wipes and many other materials found at home.

Art Direction: Martanoemí Noriega
Photography: Luis Mendoza