Moscow International Book Fair 2020

The pandemic may have limited great events around the world, but also has open doors for many people from different countries.

In my case it was an honor to be featured in the Moscow International Book Fair’s Wall of Illustrators; a showcase were artists from all around the world can be seen by publishing agencies and art directors.

The event was held virtually from September 2 to 6 and offered masterclasses, portfolio reviews, talks and content of interest through social networks. If you want to take a look at the entire gallery, click here.

Virtual Open Studio

The virtual Open Studio took place on this website from May 29th – Jun 26th 2020, in response to a canceled event, previously scheduled on March 13th in my Studio, due to the pandemic.

For 30 days, my website turned into a virtual gallery where visitors could access my creative process and learn about featured projects through videos, written content and photo galleries.

The event received 170 visitors from 20 different countries around the world. The web page reached 586 views during that period, and side live events hosted by me via Instagram, gave me the opportunity to chat with the community about the project.

Here is an excerpt from the most viewed content and the official playlist of the event that you can enjoy anytime!

1/8 videos featured on the Open Studio / English subtitles available

Soy una Ciudad llamada Panamá book launch

The 9th book of Biblioteca 500 (500 Library) was launched on Dec 5th, 2019. The event took place at El Japón Bilingual school, finalist in the National Contest for Educational Excellence.

I had a nice time sharing some experiences with the author of the book, Cheri Lewis, and the coordination group from Ciudad Panamá 500 between smiles, selfies and giveaways for the little ones.

Here is a video produced by Ciudad Panamá 500 with some highlights.

Aftertalks: Creative Entrepreneurship

Aftertalks is an open event of dynamic talks where host, speakers and audience interact with each other over different conventional and non-conventional topics.

On Sep 2019, I was invited to speak, with other two guests, about creative entrepreneurship challenges.

In a society where art & culture is slowly emerging, being artistic is not enough to be successful. Money becomes an important challenge, however consistency and discipline are crucial to make art a way of living.

Citadinas sin bambalinas book launch.

The stories of 80 remarkable women along Panama’s history are treasured in this children’s book I had the pleasure to work on.

The book was launched in 2018 and many other activities were organized around this launching, which reunites the best visual artists in Panama through its pages.

Pictures 1-3: Book launch at Bristol Hotel. Oct 30th, 2018.

Pictures 4-6: Westland Mall Book Fair talk. Jun 29th, 2019.