Corporate Breakfast at Connexio


Connexio3Last June 23rd, I was invited by Connexio, to participate of their first Corporate Breakfast of the year under the topic “How to be effective in personal and professional life” performed by José “Pepe” Miralles, President and CEO of Franklin Covey for PA, CAM, DR and MX. During the event, Pepe shared very simple, but significant recommendations on how to prioritize the things that matter in life and how these little changes, can impact us in a positive way.

Also, I had the opportunity to talk to the audience about my Illustration Project “Nos Gusta el Mar” and some other projects I have developed, where illustration plays an important roll as communication enhancer. All participants received exclusive greeting cards sets from my latest collection, sponsored by Connexio.

Connexio Latam, is a business platform supported by three companies: Future Business Learning, Initia Panamá, and CV Consultants, whose objective is to promote activities for personal and professional growth.

Connexio2El pasado 23 de Junio, fui invitado por Connexio, a participar de su primer Desayuno Corporativo del año, bajo el tema “Cómo ser efectivo en la vida personal y profesional” desarrollado por José “Pepe” Miralles, Presidente y CEO de Franklin Covey para PA, CAM, DR y MX. Durante el evento, Pepe compartió muy simples, pero significativas recomendaciones en cómo priorizar cosas que realmente importan en la vida y cómo estos pequeños cambios, pueden impactarnos en forma positiva.

También, tuve la oportunidad de hablar a la audiencia sobre mi Proyecto de Ilustración “Nos Gusta el Mar” y otros proyectos que he desarrollado, donde la ilustración juega un rol importante como potenciador de la comunicación. Todos los participantes recibieron exclusivos sets de tarjetas de mi última colección, patrocinados por Connexio.

Connexio Latam, es una plataforma de negocios formada por tres compañías: Future Business Learning, Initia Panamá y CV Consultores, cuyo objetivo es promover actividades para el crecimiento personal y profesional.


30waysprofile-0130 Ways to Repeat is a personal project inspired by patterns, which lately, have been a very functional tool within my compositions. This challenge consists on creating 30 patterns everyday, during 30 days. There are no specific rules, but to be creative in the art of repetition.
You can see the complete collection at

30 Formas de Repetir (30 Ways to Repeat) es un proyecto personal inspirado en patrones, los cuales últimamente, han sido una herramienta funcional dentro de mis composiciones. Este reto consiste en crear 30 patrones todos los días, durante 30 días. No hay reglas específicas, más que ser creativo en el arte de la repetición.
Puedes ver la colección completa en

Drawing with style

PanamaCity-CoffeeTimeI went to a cocktail party at a Men Style Shop, invited by a good friend. Everything was cool, specially the Cognac, which I tasted for the first time in my life!

I was meeting very important people at the event, so I wanted to surprise them with an Illustration, (one of my favorite ways to show my portfolio) so I made some greeting cards with a nice phrase on the inside, related to the event.

I didn’t know which illustration would be perfect for the occasion, so I looked into my sketch book and found some nice ones of bearded guys doing normal stuff. I chose one and tried to apply some color, however it didn’t work for me, I guess because of the sketchy look that I love so much on my drawings.

So I decided to go with some shadows instead of color and… TARA! Here it is.

Medellín Vibes

Medellín is a wonderful city! Besides its nice weather and delicious “empanadas”, is a place full of history and art. I had the opportunity to visit Pies Descalzos Park, where actually you can take off your shoes, and connect with Mother Nature. I went also to Botero Plaza, a magical place where I got lost, however I didn’t regret, because sometimes it’s good to get lost and talk to people.

Journal-Medellinthe MAMM (Modern Art Museum of Medellín) is a place you MUST visit, as well as the Planetarium, and the Botanical Park, where you can lie on the grass and feel like another tree.

If you wanna have real fun, Lleras Park is the place! Weekend nights are endless parties, but if you’re looking for something relaxed, then you need Pergamino Café, a Coffee Shop you won’t believe…my favorite so far.

Where all started.

Journal-MeHi, I’m José! After getting my MBA, I worked for different local and international Companies as Administrative. One day, I went to a Photography Workshop in a Museum looking for some fun with my new camera. A lovely lady asked me if I was good at drawing. I answered: Sure! She said: Then you should join our painting workshops on Saturdays.

Since then, I’ve never been the same. Illustration has become a way to express myself , to help others to communicate visually, and to escape from everyday routines doing what I love the most.