10 AM en calzoncillos

Project: 10 am en calzoncillos (10 am in underpants)
Personal collection.

Once I was having a conversation with two friends about what we do for a living. Both of them highlighted their positions in these big companies they work for; when it was my turn to speak, one of them interrupted me in a sarcastic way saying —He wakes up at 10 am everyday and wears underpants all day long— making fun of what a freelance life looks like. I didn’t make a big thing of that comment, however I thought that it was time to tell the real story the best way I knew.


I wish I could have an assistant to deal with quotes, bills, invoices, bla bla bla. Meanwhile it looks like this. Not to worry! I’m working on it.

Ink on paper + digital coloring

To connect with creativity is not to be on holidays.
It is scientifically proved that when we are relaxed, our right side of the brain (the creative side) works better .

Ink on paper + digital coloring

Rent Declaration can get a “little” complicated for an artist. We have to deal with invoices, quotes, legal documents and all of those boring but necessary things. 

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Ink on paper + digital coloring

It’s not easy out there. Getting NOs from customers is so hard at the beginning. Did I say -the beginning-? It´s hard every single day.


Ink on paper + digital coloring

Mistakes make us better people.


Ink on paper + digital coloring

Becoming an artist in a society that hardly supports art and culture, might be an extreme adventure.


Ink on paper + digital coloring

To go visit customers with Panamá’s weather is unpredictable. You never know when Miss Rain will brush her wet hair over the city.



Ink on paper + digital coloring

My life at night

Photoshop | Alt + Tab | Netflix


Ink on paper + digital coloring

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I’m an illustrator drawing in tropical-rainy Panama 🌦🌴