10 AM en calzoncillos

Some people think that freelancers wake up at 10:00 AM and wear underpants all day. I wish I could do that! Here is my real story.

Personal project.


Practicing yoga on the beach, is not exactly my idea of a happy holidays.

To connect with creativity is not to be on vacation.
I’m serious! It’s not.


Rent Declaration is coming, and it can get a “little” complicated.

Animated GIF-downsized_large(4)

Sometimes it’s difficult to separate work from fun. That’s why an artist needs to follow a schedule to get shit done, like everybody else.


Craft illustration {textured foamie, felt, paper and note book}

This is my daily moto.


Acrylic on 200 gr Fabriano watercolor paper.

When the world fights against you with hate, FIGHT BACK WITH LOVE!

listenheallove-josejimenezColor pencils on 190 gr Fabriano paper

It’s not easy out there.


Ink on paper + digital coloring

I’m made of mistakes.


Ink on paper + digital coloring

Becoming an artist in a society that hardly supports art and culture, might be an extreme adventure.


Ink on paper + digital coloring

To go visit customers with Panamá’s weather is unpredictable. You never know when Miss Rain will brush her wet hair over the city.



Ink on paper + digital coloring

My life at night

Work | Alt + Tab | Netflix


Ink on paper + digital coloring

A creative person being creative. 


Ink on paper + digital coloring

Wanna tell your own story? I can help!