Nación Sushi

Project: Storytelling and Illustration for Nación de los Niños.
Client: Nación Sushi Panamá.

Nación Sushi Panamá, one of the largest asian food restaurants company in the country, decided to create a funny and colorful space for children within their restaurants named Nación de los Niños, so the challenge was to create a story using their menu and later, creating murals telling the story.

The result turned out into a beautiful story of a boy that helped his grandfather, owner of a traditional asian food restaurant, to prepare food for clients. One night he dreamed that all the ingredients from his grandfather’s kitchen turned into recreational games like swings made of noodles or  rollercoasters of wonton and ice cream.

Currently there are 8 murals, and counting whenever there is a new restaurant opening.


The Story


Nación Sushi | El Cangrejo, Panamá.

Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

Nación Sushi | Multiplaza, Panamá.


Nación Sushi | San Francisco, Panamá.