Color pencil

Project: Color pencil illustrations. Personal collection. ROOMIE I like old fashion style advertising, so when my last roomie left home, instead of sharing photos of the space to interested people, I decided to make my own ad the old good way. CONCERNS There are some things I get concerned about once in a while. LISTEN,Continue reading “Color pencil”

Imaginando la Ciudad

Project: Imaginando la Ciudad: Retrospectiva del Cine Panameño. Client: Ciudad Panamá 500 Art direction: Román Florez Imagining the City: Panamanian Cinema Retrospective (Imaginando la Ciudad: Retrospectiva del Cine Panameño) is one of the 9 exhibitions of the Museum of Panama City (MUCPA) in celebration of the 500th anniversary of Panama city’s foundation. I was invitedContinue reading “Imaginando la Ciudad”

Blog illustrations

Project:  Editorial illustration. Personal collection. Illustrations for my blog in spanish, where I talk about my experiences as a freelance illustrator How to avoid a NO from a client Full article in spanish here

Nos Gusta el Mar

Project:  Nos Gusta el Mar. Personal project. I’ve been amazed by underwater creatures since I was a little kid. I remember myself going to the library to read these giant books (for a 5-year-old everything is giant) full of illustrations of sea creatures. In 2013 (pretty conscious of what I was doing. Ok maybe not),Continue reading “Nos Gusta el Mar”

10 AM en calzoncillos

Project: 10 am en calzoncillos (10 am in underpants) Personal collection. Once I was having a conversation with two friends about what we do for a living. Both of them highlighted their positions in these big companies they work for; when it was my turn to speak, one of them interrupted me in a sarcasticContinue reading “10 AM en calzoncillos”

Everyday illustrations

Project: Everyday Illustrations Personal collection. COFFEE ON SUNDAY Once in a while I use to read traditional newspapers while I drink some coffee. The only difference is to feel the paper, cuz the world is going crazy as usual. Ink on paper + digital coloring HOLIDAYS Practicing yoga in front of the beach looked likeContinue reading “Everyday illustrations”