Reina Skincare

Project: Pattern design Client: Reina Skincare Reina Skincare is a small brand of natural products for skin and hair, inspired by latina women and tropical vibes. This pattern was designed from the ingredients contained in most of the products like avocado, mango, coconut, lavander and some others. The palms add the “tropical vibe” and makeContinue reading “Reina Skincare”

Woof Shop

Project: Decorative pattern for product. Client: Woof Shop Panamá Woof Shop Panamá promotes monthly treat boxes for pets with different accesories, however they thought it would be nice to dedicate one of those boxes for shark protection awareness by including a “treat” for humans, so I decided to create this funny pattern for a notepadContinue reading “Woof Shop”

Creative Commons

Project: Illustrations for infographic and gif animation Client: Creative Commons Panamá Creative Commons are licenses to protect your creations (artwork or new technologies) from copycats. Not too many people know they exist, so the challenge was to explain the concept through an infographic and animations the funny way.

Cable Onda

Semana Mipyme Cable Onda Cable Onda is an annual convention where independent entrepreneurs and freelancers learn how to start a business. They invited me to work on some illustrations for their digital campaign considering 2 important requests: 1) a business with panamanian elements 2) sense of humor. Client: Cable Onda. Social Media Campaign

Nación Sushi

Project: Storytelling and Illustration for Nación de los Niños. Client: Nación Sushi Panamá. Nación Sushi Panamá, one of the largest asian food restaurants company in the country, decided to create a funny and colorful space for children within their restaurants named Nación de los Niños, so the challenge was to create a story using theirContinue reading “Nación Sushi”