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My name is José Jiménez Vega and I work on illustrations for the publishing, design and advertising sector. I started my career in 2016 developing creative projects for clients such as Red Bull, Nación Sushi, Cable Onda, Creative Commons Panama, Marviva among others.

Since 2018 I also started working on editorial projects like Citadinas sin bambalinas and Soy una ciudad llamada Panamá, both part of the Biblioteca 500 collection.

I studied Graphic Design in Panama City, where I am currently working, and through workshops and master classes with renowned artists in Latin America, I have built a solid experience in the field of illustration.

I have spent pleasant moments exhibiting my work in different art festivals, and I regularly participate as speaker in talks or workshops, where I share my experiences as an independent illustrator.


Let’s take a ride through my sketchbook

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I enjoy a lot giving workshops!


Changing the World with Pencil and Paper
Cambiar el Mundo con Lápiz y Papel

“I suffer from extreme punctuality. If I arrive at 11:05 and the meeting is at 11:00, I start sweating”

Short story about me before beard

joseinterviewbnwI draw since I was a little kid. During my free time, I used to make cardboard robots, and to make drawings of my favorite characters which I sold at $0.25.

When I finished high school, I decided to study Advertising, but never got a job on an agency. Instead, I worked for recognized companies where I learned logistics, and a ton of administration stuff.

After traveling to many countries, reading a lot of books, and learning from my ups and downs, I finally took my tie off, and started an adventure that would change my life forever.

A perfect day:
Cappuccino, ink on paper and 90’s rock music.

I like speaking in public.

I performed as speaker at FuckUp Nights Vol. 14, and later I hosted FuckUp Nights Vol. 16

My everyday motto:
“You get what you give”